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Bristol Bot Builders – a community who fight robots (often in pubs) in Bristol and South-West, UK. Join our Facebook Group & Forum! BBB shop stocks both custom parts and parts from across the world that aren’t always easy or quick to get in the UK & Europe.

Orders are dispatched same or next working day. Envelopes have an estimated delivery of the following working days: 1-2 UK, 3-5 Europe & 6-7 worldwide. Parcel sized orders, merch & playable kits may take longer.

Want us to stock something or have questions? Email us at ‘
If you’re new to building, check out our build guides and recommend parts list. Check out the UK & Europe Events Listing for your next opportunity to compete!

We're away 14-15 July, orders at this time will be dispatched Tues 16.
Free collection at BBB Beetles 20 July, select at checkout.

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Showing all 67 results