BBB Antweight Brushless Weapon ESC


We do not recommend you build a spinner for your first robot as they can be very dangerous. Only test spinning weapons in safe conditions – ideally in a test box. See our disclaimer.

20A Brushless ESC programmed by us for fast spin ups!
Small dimensions and weighs only 5g greatly suited to antweight spinner weapons including the 1806 brushless motor. Example robot, recalibration, firmware manual & wiring examples below.

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23x12x4mm (main pcb)


~5g including wires

Input Voltage

2-4S Lipo

Motor Output

20A continuous
25A burst for 10s


No BEC – use a separate external BEC.

Example Robot: GetGot by Jack Franklin

Jack built this very scary drum robot called GetGot – he’s using our brushless weapon ESC to power the hub motor weapon, Malenki-Nano with N10 motors for drive. Check out his build diary on the forum.

This ESC runs on BLHeli-S Firmware:
Manual for BLHeli-S here – explains what all the beeps mean on page 8 onwards! To arm the ESC you need to have your throttle stick down. You can recalibrate the ESC by holding the throttle stick up while it’s arming (powering on), then input your desired min and max throttle values with the stick.

Wiring with a Dual ESC:

Wiring with a Malenki-Nano:



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