Repeat Dual AM32 Brushless Drive ESC

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21st June: We’ve sold out of our first batch. We will restock more in the next few weeks when we restock Repeat Max 🙂
Repeat Robotics’ Dual AM32 ESC – two 35A 2-6S brushless ESCs in one, running AM32 firmware pre-programmed for drive, with a built in BEC for powering your receiver! Power pads on the back for powering your weapon ESC. A super compact and lightweight while powerful solution to driving your robot. Built in current limiting set to 10A, can be re-programmed with AM32 config tool.
AM32 is particularly good at motor control at lower speeds helping you get the best performance out of your drive – it’s well suited to beetleweight brushless drive with motors such as the Repeat Max, Repeat Compact or DIY solutions with the 1806 brushless motor – see this great tutorial. Example robot and wiring diagram below. 

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~6g including signal wires

Input Voltage

2-6S Lipo
Use included capacitor across power lines for 6S

Motor Output

35A – current limited to 10A.
Can be changed with the AM32 config tool.


No onboard mixing. Must be mixed on transmitter

Center Braking

Built in. Motors stopped by zero signal.


Built in BEC suitable for powering a receiver

Example robot: Baby Dead Bod by Thomas Weatherly

Thomas runs this very scary horizontal spinner Baby Dead Bod – for 2024 he’s upgraded to the Repeat AM32 dual ESC for drive with two Repeat Max brushless motors.

Beetle Brushless Wiring Diagram:

Repeat AM32 Dual acting as BEC and two ESCs in this diagram.
Other components in this example: 3S or 4S Lipo, Beetle Safety KitBreakout Cable, Repeat Maxs and Flysky Reciever. Image made by Team DSC.

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  1. Ari

    I’m running one of these in my beetleweight robot on 6S LiHV and it hasn’t missed a beat, control so smooth you almost forget its brushless. Saves so much space internally by being so compact and having an on-board BEC, a must have for high end brushless drive

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