Repeat Single AM32 Brushless Drive ESC

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Repeat Robotics’ AM32 ESC – a 35A 3-6S brushless ESC running AM32 firmware pre-programmed for drive.  AM32 is particularly good at motor control at lower speeds helping you get the best performance out of your drive – it’s well suited to beetleweight brushless drive options such as Repeat Max, Repeat Compact or  DIY solutions with the 1806 brushless motor – see this great tutorial. Example robot and wiring diagram below. 

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~5g including wires

Input Voltage

3-6S Lipo

Motor Output

35A continuous


No BEC – use a separate external BEC.

Example robot: Grab Crab by Joe Brown

Joe (hi that’s me!) built the lifter / suplexer Grab Crab – I’m running three of the Repeat AM32 ESCs – two on drive with Repeat Max motors and one on the weapon (a custom brushless gearmotor). Check out my build diary on the forum.

Beetle Brushless Wiring Diagram:

Components in this example: 3S or 4S Lipo, Beetle Safety KitBreakout Cable, AM32 brushless drive ESCs, Repeat MaxsBEC and Flysky Reciever.
Image made by Team DSC.

1 review for Repeat Single AM32 Brushless Drive ESC

  1. Jake (verified owner)

    Fantastic ESCs, having swapped from the BBB Brushless ESC’s to these AM32’s you can really feel the difference in responsiveness, especially at low RPMs. I’ve been running these with the FingerTech Mega Sparks, and even with 2WD, my beetle now goes exactly where I tell it to!

    PS: the BBB ESCs are still really good (just a little “twitchy” at low RPMs) and amazing value for money, so the AM32s are really for those who are OCD (like me) about getting the drive absolutely perfect.

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