Beetleweight Drive Kit

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Everything electronically and mechanically you need to get a beetle driving – BBB motors, mounts & speed controllers, FingerTech hubs & wheels and the full beetle safety kit. Optional BEC and receiver.

Just add a lipo and transmitter!  We recommend a 3S 700mAh Lipo and a FlySky i6 Transmitter.

We recommend you build a chassis from 10mm HDPE for the walls and 5mm HDPE for lid/base, we have a full beetle build guide here.

Typical Beetle Wiring Diagram using the components included in this kit:

Image made by Team DSC.

1 × Pair of FingerTech Twist Hubs
Select Wheel Size:
Add a BEC:
You will need a BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit) to lower the voltage of your lipo (12V) down to a safe value for your receiver (5V)
Add a Receiver:
Included Safety Kit:
1 × 30A Fuse Wire

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