Pair of 22mm BBB Beetleweight Motor Face Mounts v2

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A pair of custom laser cut 3mm Nylon 6 mounts. Designed for face mounting motors such as our BBB 22mm Planetary Motors or other planetary 22mm motors (Rotalinks, DartBoxes, BotKits, Rectified Robotics) These fit tightly to the front face of the motor. Version 2 – Now comes in stealthy black and smaller dimensions allowing for shorter robots!

Includes eight M2 6mm screws for mounting the motors to the faceplate. We recommend attaching the face mount to HDPE with a 22mm hole for the gearbox to sit on. The faceplate can attach to the HDPE with the four 3mm holes (spaced v2: 20mm apart, v1: 22mm apart )

Please note due to nature of laser cutting, there will be some imperfections in the mount. First batch of v2s (Jan ’24) were 2mm thick. Example robot, mount drawing and mounting instructions below. v2 CAD: step file. v1 CAD: stl file.

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v2: 26x26x3mm
v1: 30x30x3mm

v2: 3mm holes 20mm apart for chassis mounting
v1: 3mm holes 22mm apart for chassis mounting


~5g for faceplate and mounting screws

Example robot: Fang by Jon-Luke Buckley

Fang is Jon-Luke’s spooky horizontal bat bot. He uses the v1 face mounts mounted into some HDPE with 1806 brushless conversions  for drive. Check out his build diary on the forum.

Faceplate Drawing (v2):

Mounting instructions:

We recommend using blue thread locker to attach the M2 screws to the motor. Clean the screws and re-apply each time you use and allow 24hrs for it to set.
Use a 22mm forstner bit to cut a 22mm hole in 10mm HDPE or similar for the 22mm motor to sit in. Attach faceplate to the outside of the wall with M3 bolts or woodscrews. Version 1 mounts pictured below – example mounting from Igor by Jon-Luke.

3 reviews for Pair of 22mm BBB Beetleweight Motor Face Mounts v2

  1. Stuart (verified owner)

    Reviewing v1:
    Absolutely ideal and a perfect fit with the 22mm motors. It made mounting the motors correctly so straight forward and they tough also.

  2. morgan (verified owner)

    Reviewing v1:
    fit great to the 22mm motors and offer a fast solution to mounting vs drilling your own mount holes (which in my experience hasn’t gone well)

    would definitely recommend

  3. Jon-Luke Buckley (Igor) (verified owner)

    Reviewing v1:
    These mounts are fantastic for saving you time and headaches mounting the 22mm motors, they are light and really strong. They are cleanly cut and fit first time. Would recommend to anyone using the 22mm motors.

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