Pair of Antweight N10/N20 Motor Mounts

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A pair of mounts for N10 or N20 gearmotors typically used in antweights.

Easiest way to mount an N10 or N20 motor.

Each mount has two M2 10mm bolts with Philips heads and two M2 nuts. Pitch is ~18mm.
CAD: STEP file.

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~1.3g per mount with bolts & nuts

Attaches to N20, with an internal groove to match the gearbox plate in one of two different orientations either fully or partially covering the gearbox:

1 review for Pair of Antweight N10/N20 Motor Mounts

  1. Anders Daun (verified owner)

    Cheap as can be and make it easier for newcomers to assemble a robot.

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