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Please read our Antweight Drive Kit Build Guide for how to use. With our BBB Edition Dual ESC v3 with custom firmware for an improved driving experience here is our antweight drive kit which we think is the best and most affordable way to get into ants! All the main parts you need to build a driveable antweight combat robot, just add a battery – we recommend getting a 2S 120-300mAh lipo battery. Optional receiver, transmitter, servo, charger & polycarbonate sheets. Any issues or questions during the build, you can email us at or message us on facebook, we’ll be happy to help. Example Robot, Wiring diagram & receiver guide using components in this kit below.

Select Motor:
Select Wheel Size:
Add Connectors:
If you want to run another power line to power a third ESC or a high voltage servo.
Add a Receiver:
The Flysky receiver is intended for the Flysky FS-i6 and other AFHDS 2A transmitters, please check your transmitter supports this before purchasing.
Add a Transmitter:
Add a Servo:
120 degree rotation for weapons such as flippers, grabbers, lifters etc!
Add a USB 2S Lipo Battery Charger:
Add Polycarbonate:
Bend and cut to form a chassis.

Example Robot: Woodlouse by Jed Priest

Woodlouse is Jed’s lifter bot made from the BBB ant drive kit – a polycarbonate base and recycled plastic for chassis, v2 Dual ESC, N20 gearmotors & 44mm wheels for drive, servo for a lifter.

Antweight Dual ESC Wiring diagram using components in this kit:

Components in this example: 2S lipo, JST connector, Switch, BBB Dual ESC, N20 Motors, Flysky Receiver.
Image made by Team DSC.

Receiver connectors on Dual ESC:

Receiver Connectors (with signal mixing on by default):

  • On one servo connector:
    • white wire drives left/right on the motors
    • red wire provides the positive rail of the BEC at 5V (+VE)
    • black wire provides ground (GND)
  • Separate yellow connector: drives forwards/backwards on the motors.

Example receivers/transmitters below – note your receiver & transmitter may have a different layout to this!

On an FS2A 4channel receiver with a mode 2 Flysky i6 transmitter:

  • the white connector would plug in to channel 1 (AIL – right stick left/right)
  • the yellow connector would plug in to channel 2 (ELE – right stick up/down)

6 reviews for Antweight Drive Kit

  1. Paulo (verified owner)

    This was my first kit and I was just so happy how it all worked wonders the first time, plus BBB gives you all the guides to build it without struggles. Definitely recommend!

  2. Mike Merrick (verified owner)

    Ordered early hours of Friday morning, arrived Saturday. Brilliant service as always

  3. Adam Witherington (verified owner)

    Superb kits and service. From the great responses to my initial questions, the quality of the components and finally the help guides on the website. Just fantastic.

  4. Nathan (verified owner)

    All 3 orders I’ve placed arrived within 2 days, great customer service, would recommend the fine tip soldering iron and 0.4mm solder from Amazon, my reciever looks like a pro soldered it. Everything you need bar tools, I’ve brought 3 kits so I can do a couple bots to get me started and have a play around

  5. Mike (verified owner)

    Reviewing 2020 Version:
    Brilliant little kit, everything you need to get started with an antweight, and the dispatch time and shipping is great as well.

  6. Martin (verified owner)

    Reviewing 2020 Version:
    A great kit for all skill levels to get your antweight started. The majority of the parts in the kit are basically plug and play, i have not needed to get my soldering iron out yet to get this working which means i had a robot running within about 10 minutes of getting it. There is plenty of cable length with these motors so wires can be cut and re-soldered to suit when you are ready to do the proper build.

    As all these parts are a standard fit, the whole kit is adjustable to your needs, i was able to put my own wheels and receiver on it from my box of spares. Also, having the ESCs built into the motors has saved me a whole lot of space, meaning i have been able to compact my previous design down to well within the class size and weight rules. I wish i had found this kit earlier as it would’ve saved a lot of problems i had with previous builds.

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