BBB Featherweight Brushed ESC


This ESC is designed to easily run one 775 or two 550 style drill motors or one scooter motor (for axes etc) at up to 6S with 100A peak, it’s a great value featherweight drive ESC. We’ve tested these ESCs a bunch in two and four wheel drive configurations including in Couch Potato XL at BBB’s May 2021 BEVs event.

  • Up to 6S lipo – we recommend 3-5S for our 18V drill motors
  • Under 70g in weight
  • Can drive two 550 drill motors per ESC – two of these ESCs are well suited for 2 or 4 wheel drive.
  • Centre braking – for improved driving experience – set switch to middle position.
  • Built in 5V 3A BEC

Fusion 360 CAD file from Jeremy, thanks!
Do not use two BECs at a time
–  if using two ESCs cut the red servo connector wire on one of them.
LED, Switch & Wiring Instructions below.

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58x36x23mm (main board)
74x36x30mm (including caps)


68g including wires

Input Voltage

3-6S Lipo

Motor Output

100A peak

Center Braking

Built in. Motors stopped by zero signal.
Switch must be set to middle to enable.


5V 3A BEC built in

LED indicator light:
Solid = Powered on. Receiver ready.
Intermittent Flash = Powered on. Throttle isn’t centred.
Continuous Flash = Powered on. No receiver signal.

(after changing switch position power cycle ESC to enable) 
Left = No braking
Middle = Centre braking (our preferred setup for driving featherweights)
Right = RC Car style braking (not recommended)

Solder the two black wires (labelled M1&M2) to the tabs of your drive motor(s).
Solder the red wire (labelled +) to your positive line and adjacent black wire (labelled -) to your negative line.
Connect the servo connector to your receiver – note only use one BEC, so cut red wire on servo connector of one ESC if using two, or cut both and use an external BEC.

Typical Wiring Diagram for Beetles / Feathers

Image made by Team DSC.


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