Playable Battle Robot Kits

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All the parts and tools you need to build a fully functional playable fighting robot! Build assembly videos and picture based instructions are below. The DIY kit includes:

  • Controller with AAA batteries
  • Receiver/Triple Speed controller electronics
  • Robot Battery and USB charger
  • Drive motors and Wheels
  • Weapon Motor
  • Wood Chassis & Weapon parts

A great introduction to combat robotics – plug together your electronics then slot and screw together the controller and the robot chassis! With five different robots to choose from and easily customisable wood chassis to draw and paint on.

The robots average around 320g in weight and around 20x15cm in base dimensions and are totally safe & fun for fighting at home. If you have any issues with the electronics or other parts we have spares we can send to you. Please Note: These robots are not suited for competitions.

Picture based instructions:

Build Assembly Videos:

7 reviews for Playable Battle Robot Kits

  1. Joseph

    I ordered two of these and they are a great introduction into buildings robot. They are very responsive and nippy. They are also very easily modifiable, which is what I did by adding polycarb on them. One of them had an issue with the main board after a few weeks, but I emailed BBB and they shipped me a new board and controller for free within days. They were very nice and understanding about it so I would definitely recommend buying these

  2. Mike Collins

    Bought two of these, easy to put together using the excellent videos. Perfect robot starter kit.

  3. Jack (verified owner)

    Bought two for a 10yo nephew at Xmas. Built them together and had some battles.

    Great way to indulge anyone a bit younger who shows an interest in robots.

  4. Tim (verified owner)

    I got the Snapping Turtle and the Nile Crocodile and i’m really happy with both of them. I did have the same problem as Sam (other review) in that i followed the video exactly and somehow the motors were inverted so I just took one or two panels off so i could change the wiring.

    The Snapping Turtles weapon didnt work at first, too much resistance for some reason, I had to take it apart and remake it and now it’s fine.

    Spent all morning chasing my cat around with the Nile Crocodile 😀

  5. Sam

    I had two of these given to me as an early birthday present (Hammerhead and Viper) and I have more on the way because they are just so great. They are fun, super durable and really easy to put together, the kits come with everything you need from tools to batteries and here on this page you can find very easy to follow videos for the construction. Plus they are very easy to decorate too, so long as you don’t put googly eyes in the way of the weapon, which I might’ve done the first time. I can see anyone of any age range having a blast with these.

    My only advice for these would be to make sure you put the motors in the right way, because I somehow didn’t the first time despite following the video step by step and once these things are together they are SOLID and very hard to take apart again.

  6. Christopher Thompson (verified owner)

    these are fantastic, got a few of these for Christmas. Easy to set up, my 6yo was able to do most of it with some help with some of the stiffer bits.

    These are a brilliant way for getting into robots and as the first build for youngsters as there isn’t anything dangerous.

  7. Sarah Banbury (verified owner)

    We bought the Nile crocodile and the saw ray. They were both very good. My 14 year old made them, mostly independently and they were the right level of challenge. They are sturdy and we have been able to have battles with them. A really great kit I thoroughly recommend.

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