BBB Beetleweight Planetary 22mm Gearmotor v2

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September 2021: v2 motor with aluminium gearbox casing, 9g lighter than v1!
Don’t combine v2 & v1 motors in a bot as they’ll be slightly different speeds.

BBB Beetleweight Planetary 22mm 16:1 Gear Motor well suited for beetleweight robots.

  • Custom manufactured to our specifications
  • All metal geared planetary gearbox with grease
  • All screws set with thread locker
  • 19g lighter than standard 25mm beetle motors.
  • More robust gearboxes than standard 25mm beetle motors
  • Similar spec to 22mm motors seen in american robot kits but at a much lower price

Recommended to run on 3S lipos if you’re new, 4S lipos if you want a bit more speed!
We’ve created the BBB Beetle ESC, with 2 & 4 wheel drive setup of this motor in mind.

3D model of the motor by THE Tom Brewster: step, stl. Thanks Tom xox
Fusion 360 model of the motor: f3d by Felix Townsend, cheers boi x

We recommend face mounting the motors with our nylon mounts and a 22mm hole in some HDPE.
Mounting example, wiring diagram & battle hardening tips below!

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14x4mm Output Shaft
49mm gearbox & motor length




At 12V
No load: ~890rpm
Rated load: ~750rpm

Input Voltage

~12V suited for 3-4S lipo


No load: 0.3A
Stall: 4.3A

Example mounting

from Igor (J-LGames)Use a 22mm forstner bit to cut a hole in 10mm HDPE or similar for the motor to sit in.
Attach faceplate to outside with woodscrews.

Beetle Wiring Diagram using these motors:

Components in this example: 3S or 4S Lipo, Beetle Safety Kit, Breakout cable, BBB ESCsBBB 22mm MotorsBEC and Flysky Reciever.
Image made by Team DSC.

Battle Hardening

Great advice from FingerTech:
As with every gearmotor, it is best practice to remove all the screws and reassemble using loctite. A small dab on each screw will be enough to keep them from vibrating loose.
– Since the gearboxes are packed with grease, it will need to be cleaned off of the small Phillips screws before applying the loctite.
– Even better than loctite is a product called Vibra-Tite VC-3. Apply it to the screw threads, wait 30min, and it will harden to a plastic-like coating. Since it hardens before touching the greasy gearbox threads, it can do a better job of holding the screws in place.
If you can find a UK alternative to Vibra-Tite VC-3 let me know – it’s a resin based thread locker.  Some roboteers also like to heatshrink the gearbox to the motor to help hold them together in battle.

8 reviews for BBB Beetleweight Planetary 22mm Gearmotor v2

  1. Tom Brewster

    I use a pair of these in Drizzle – if they can survive 3 minutes of bouncing around like a Tigger, they’ll survive anything. 12/10 would order again 🙂

  2. RIP-Ed

    Went from having a motor failing in most fights to not a single failure in two events when I switched from 25mm to these motors. Good power and speed too

  3. Jon-Luke Buckley (Igor) (verified owner)

    I upgraded Igor to use these motors, and am absolutely thrilled with the increase in power and speed. Would recommend these to any beetle builder.

  4. morgan (verified owner)

    ran a fair number of these only ever been able to break one and that was my fault not the motor (running a 2kg bot with the motor basically being stalled for 2 minutes solid) cant recommend them enough for beetles. seem solid to me

  5. Thomas W (verified owner)

    Tried these out a 7 months ago in dragon and they have been super reliable and even at 4s for multiple events and only having 1 motor get damaged beyond repair is very impressive. Definitely worth the price I highly recommend people given them a try

  6. Thyrus (verified owner)

    Had a 10 minute non stop fun fight with those and they didn’t break a sweat.
    One of the best investments I did.

  7. Tom Farkas (verified owner)

    I used these in ‘First Drink of the Day’ at Norwalk in May and they did great! The only damage they took is when my whole bot blew up. Plenty of pushing power, ran at 3s and never got super hot, and easy to set up as a new builder. The folks at BBB are always quick to reply to emails and offer helpful advice. I will continue to use and recommend all of their products!

  8. Stuart (verified owner)

    Performance and value can’t be beat. I’ve run 4 x at 4s and speed and pushing power was brilliant, ever on foam tires. They are also rock solid.

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