BE1806 2300kv Brushless Motor

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7th May: More stock coming soon!
We do not recommend you build a spinner for your first robot as they can be very dangerous. Only test spinning weapons in safe conditions – ideally in a test box. See our disclaimer.

A brushless motor well suited to adding a spinner to your antweight with the included M2 screws. Use with our Antweight Brushless Weapon ESC. 2mm output shaft. Output mounting M2 9mm apart. Motor mounting M2 two 12mm and two 16mm apart. Wires are 200mm long. The shaft is 2mm internal so is perfect for a beetleweight brushless drive conversion (see this great tutorial) with our brushless drive ESCs! CAD: STEP, SLDPRT. Example robot & wiring diagrams below.

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3x2mm Output Shaft


Motor: ~23g including wires – can be shortened to save ~4g

Input Voltage

2-4S Lipo



Example robot: Phantom by Joe Mitchell

Joe built this crazy undercutter Phantom – it often likes to fly around the arena more than drive! He’s using the 1806 motor with a brushless ESC to power his large horziontal blade, and runs it off a Malenki-Nano, with N20s and ToughHub wheels from our pals at Nuts and Bots.

Wiring with a Dual ESC:


Wiring with a Malenki-Nano:

1 review for BE1806 2300kv Brushless Motor

  1. Robot guy

    The strongest beefiest little motor I have ever owned it would commonly roof opponents with ease, and would last quite a long while even if unsupported. Probably overkill and that’s how I like it

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