BE1806 2300kv Brushless Motor


We do not recommend you build a spinner for your first robot as they can be very dangerous.
Only test spinning weapons in safe conditions – ideally in a test box.
See our disclaimer.

A compact brushless motor well suited to adding a spinner to your Antweight with the included M2 screws. Use with our Antweight Brushless Weapon ESC. 2mm output shaft. Output mounting M2 9mm apart. Motor mounting M2 two 12mm and two 16mm apart.
Also can be used for a beetleweight brushless drive conversion (see this great tutorial) with our brushless drive ESCs! CAD: SLDPRT fileWiring examples below.

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Motor: 25g including longer wires than pictured – can be shortened to save ~4g

Input Voltage

2-4S Lipo



Typical Wiring in an antweight:

 Wiring with a Malenki-Nano:


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