Antweight N20 Red ESC


20th September: More reds this week!
We’re excited to stock a brand new product from Mark Robson, maker of the Malenki Nano ESC & Receiver! Introducing the N20 Red ESC – these are tiny and lightweight ESCs (weighing just over a gram including the servo wire!) and are custom designed with antweights in mind.

The brushed ESCs attaches to the back of an N20 gearmotor at a right angle to allow lower profile robots and the included cable has a servo connector end to be plugged in and powered directly from your receiver. They have centre braking for an improved driving experience, have failsafing and support true 2S voltage to get the most out of your N20s!

Full Documentation – including recommended soldering. BBB guide for wiring and mixing.

You could solder it to various speed N20s for weapons or drive or N10s from our friends at Nuts and Bots. Note: Gearmotor not included. More info on how to use below.

Typical Setup:Two Red ESCs with: N20 Motors, N20 Mounts, 34mm wheels
4 channel receiver, Servo to JST cable, Power Switch, 180Mah 2S lipo.

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~80mm long cable


1.4g including wire

Input Voltage

1-2S lipo
3.6v – 9v

Motor Output


Compact design at only 4mm wide and can be plugged straight into a receiver (see example below).
If you plan to use your own receiver (not from BBB shop) please ensure it supports at least 8.4V input (a fully charged 2S lipo), or if it doesn’t please connect a BEC between your battery and receiver.

Example setup for drive (ignore the extra two N20s here used for weapon!):LED light: Blinking = power but no signal from receiver. Constant = has power and receiver signal.
Auto calibrates centred stationary position after power on, so ensure your transmitter stick is centred.



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