Repeat Gold Screw Hub

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Gold anodised 7075-T6 aluminium hub with two M4 grub screws to hold on to the shaft which will hold on much better than the typical single M3 grub screw. Four M3 tapped holes for mounting ~9mm apart from each other. Great for attaching wheels or a weapon arm to a gearmotor. We stock them in 4mm bore for our 22mm motors & other 22/25mm motors and 6mm bore for Mega Sparks & Repeat Max‘s & 37mm gearmotors. CAD files: 4mm STEP, 6mm STEP. use case. Example robot below.


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4mm: ~3.7g
6mm: ~3.4g

Example Robot: Percussive Maintenance XL by Thomas Yau

Thomas built this awesome Kiwi drive (three omni-directional wheeled) hammer bot Percussive Maintenance XL – he uses Repeat Gold Screw Hubs to attach his axe gear to his weapon motor shaft. Lots of threadlocker recommended! Check out his build diary on the forum.

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  1. Thomas

    These are great for attaching things to live shafts, expecially if you grind a flat for the grub screws to interface with and use Loctite. In particular, the 6mm bore hubs are smaller and half the weight of the Pololu versions!

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