Malenki-HV Antweight ESC & Receiver


The new Malenki-HV from Robson Robotics! – all the great specs of the  Malenki-Nano triple ESC & receiver but with higher voltage support (up to 4S lipos!) and higher current output at 3A per channel great for running ants on higher voltage or 1lb US ants!

  • Small and lightweight at 32x19x2.5mm and 2.3g
  • Three 3A brushed channels (two for drive with mixing & center braking, one for weapon)
  • Built in AFHDS 2A (flysky) receiver to save weight and space
  • Two PWM channels for servos or brushless ESCs
  • Driving invert mode – can switch forwards/backwards on transmitter switch when robot is upside down
  • Telemetry – battery voltage information sent to transmitter
  • Servo stretcher mode – for larger servo range
  • Low voltage cutoff at 2.8V per cell
  • Comes with included clear heat shrink

Receiver uses AFHDS 2A protocol – recommended transmitters: Flysky FS-i6 or transmitters with multi-protocol modules (set it to FlSky2A)
Wiring, setup, binding and usage diagrams below.
Useful links: Full Documentation, GitHub, STEP CAD (thanks Patrick!)

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Input Voltage

2-4S lipo (6-18V)
Low voltage cutoff: 2.8V per cell

Motor Output

3 channels of 1A continuous, 3A peak

PWM Output

Two channels of PWM output for servos or external ESCs (eg brushless)


On board mixing of channel L and R (can be disabled)

Center Braking

Center braking on drive channels – zero signal will instantly stop motors.


No BEC. Servos can be run off 2S or require an external BEC.

Binding & Setup:

To Bind: Out of the box it will enter bind mode on power on (flashing blue light). When bound, the flashing LED will stop, you may then need to power cycle Malenki-HV.
To Rebind: power on Malenki-HV with your transmitter off and wait 90 seconds for flashing blue light.


  1. Solder motors (L to left side drive, R to right side drive, W to brushed weapon if needed) and power connector to PWR + & – on the Malenki-HV.  (JST connector and switch recommended) See diagram in the image gallery above.
  2. For servos/brushless ESCs, solder the signal cable to one of the PWM pads and power them off the power rail if voltage is supported (some servos don’t run above 6V so you may need to add a BEC to lower voltage). These are Channel 4 and 6. Diagrams below!
  3. Power it on, (red light for power) bind to your transmitter (blue light for bind) and test motors – channel 1,2,3 to see if behaving as expected.
  4. It’s then highly recommended to heat shrink, kapton or electrical tape the Malenki-HV to lower risk of short circuiting the board.
  5. In Configuration mode you can use channel 5 to invert or swap channels, disable mixing, braking and enable servo stretching. See Full Documentation.

Soldering a servo or brushless ESC:

Solder the signal wire (orange or white) of your servo or ESC to the WEAPON2 or WEAPON3 pad.
Solder your servo or ESC positive power (red) to PWR+ and negative power (brown or black) to PWR-.
Wiring with our High Voltage Metal Geared Servo and with Antweight Spinner Electronics:



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