Tarakan Beetleweight Dual Brushed ESC

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Mark, the creator of the Malenki-Nano and Red ESCs brings his awesome electronics to beetleweights. We’re delighted to stock his dual brushed beetle ESC – the Tarakan Dual ESC –  custom designed focussed on beetle sized motors with some spicy specs:

  • 3-6S lipo support for all kinds of motor types and applications
  • Dual brushed 12 amps continuous current (and 33A total peak!)
  • Customisable current limiting to help protect your parts – well suited for high stall current motors (eg – nerf motors)
  • Customisable automatic shutdown on low battery to prevent damage to lipos
  • Built in mixing and center braking for a great driving experience
  • Built in BEC for powering your receiver – do not use two BECS at a time – more info below.
  • September 2023: Now thinner, smaller & lighter ESC. Package includes power wires, servo wires & clear heatshrink (see second image)

The Tarakan Dual brushed ESC is well suited to providing two or four wheel drive with our beetleweight 22mm motors. Wiring and setup below. Full Documentation

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8.3g (no wires or heatshrink)

Input Voltage

3-6S lipo (11-25V)
Low voltage cutoff: 3.2V per cell at 3S or 4S.
(can be customised – see doc)

Motor Output

2 channels of 12A
Current limiting: 25A total
(can be customised – see doc)


onboard signal mixing.
Can be disabled by soldering jumper JP1 on back of board
or by config command (see doc)

Center Braking

Built in center braking.
(can be disabled by config command – see doc)


5V 0.2A

Lights & Beeps:

There are two LEDs lights: D1 is Tarakan power on, D2 shows active drive/braking on motor 1.
There are two motor made beeps on startup – one per drive side. If you don’t hear both, a motor may not be connected properly.

Basic Tarakan Wiring Diagram:

Typically the servo connectors plug in to channel 1 & 2 on your receiver – On an FS2A 4channel receiver with a mode 2 Flysky i6 transmitter – channel 1 on Tarakan would plug in to receiver channel 1 (AIL – right stick left/right) and Tarakan channel 2 would plug in to receiver channel 2 (ELE – right stick up/down)
Diagram from Mark’s Full Documentation.

Do not use more than one BEC at a time – see both diagrams below:
This dual ESC comes with a built in 5V 0.2A BEC perfect  for powering your receiver. If you’re powering a servo or other higher current components, use an external BEC – unplug the ESC’s red servo wire, we recommend cutting this wire (or taping over the metal connector) to prevent risk of shorting.

We recommend using an external BEC for beetleweight sized servos. (Never use two BECs at once)
If needed, you can disconnect the Tarakan BEC by unplugging both red servo channel cables (see second diagram) You’d still want to connect the Tarakan power input cables to a Removable link, Fuse and LED for a UK legal beetleweight.

Using ESC’s internal BEC – for powering just a receiver:

Components in this example: 3S or 4S Lipo, Beetle Safety Kit, Breakout cable, Tarakan as Dual ESC & BECBBB 22mm Motors and Flysky Reciever.
Image made by Team DSC.

Using external BEC – ESC’s BEC (red servo wires) are disconnected / cut:

1 review for Tarakan Beetleweight Dual Brushed ESC

  1. Stuart (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. The mixing works perfectly and with the build in BEC and connections for 2 motors, wiring is simpler and tidier. As for performance and reliability, I run 2 x 12amp stall motors and have never felt it get hot. It has also worked perfectly through 8 matches so far and survived some big hits and lots of air time. Highly recommend.

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