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4 Channel Flysky receiver FS2A AFHDS for use with transmitters such as the Flysky FS-i6. Uses the AFHDS 2A protocol for transmitters such as FS-i4, FS-i6, FS-i6X, FS-i6S, FS-i10. Comes with the pins separate from the board, you can solder wires directly to save weight if you wish. Rated up to 10V so can be ran with a 2S lipo (8.4V fully charged) without a BEC. Includes clear heat shrink.
CAD: STEP, SLDPRT. Binding & Failsafing instructions below.
July ’22 onwards: these receivers may not bind with multiprotocol radios without updating your radio. They still bind with no issues for FlySky AFHDS 2A transmitters (eg – FS-i6) – more info below.

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25x11x7mm with pins


0.9g without pins
~2.5g with pins

Voltage Range


Binding & Failsafing


  1. Hold down the bind button on the receiver whilst turning it on with the switch. The blue light should be flashing rapidly, meaning it’s in bind mode.
  2. Hold down the bind button on the transmitter while turning it on. You will see ‘binding’ on the screen
  3. When the receiver is flashing slowly turn the transmitter off and on again.
  4. You should see the blue light on the receiver go solid.

Failsafing (July 2022 and newer models – see below for how to check):

Failsafing is when your transmitter is turned off your robot’s drive and weapon will stop. This is an important safety feature. You set the failsafe on the transmitter – you must set each channel individually. Example for FS-i6:
Good video here. With your robot on, go to Menu > System Menu > RX setup > Failsafe
Turn on failsafes for the channels you need – in this example: Channel 1 & 2 for drive are set near middle and Channel 3 in this case is set low for spin up on throttle. Once you’ve set them up hold down CANCEL to save. Test your failsafes are working (turn off transmitter)
The “all channels” failsafe in the menu will not work for this receiver.

Failsafing (pre July 2022 models – see below for how to check):

  1. Turn on both your receiver and transmitter.
  2. Set your transmitter’s right stick to the middle and push the left stick to the bottom.
  3. Hold the bind button on the receiver, the blue light will flash quickly several times then go solid. –Note: this is just the failsafe for this model of receiver, if you have a different one, failsafe setup may be different. There’s a failsafe option in the transmitter menu too.

Version change – new and old receivers, multiprotocol transmitters.

New style receivers (July 2022 onwards) may not currently bind with multi-protocol transmitters.
New style have a larger square chip vs smaller rectangular on old (pictured) Some multi-protocol will bind, others we recommend updating to multi-protocol version or later and it should bind.
These new receivers will bind with Flysky branded transmitters that support AFHDS 2A such as the FS-i6.
We may have had stock of these new ones as early as July 2022 we apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused users. Please try updating your multiprotocol radio if it doesn’t bind. If you are still unable to bind after updating please return the receiver for a full refund.

2 reviews for Flysky 4 Channel Receiver

  1. Anders Daun (verified owner)

    Using this instead of the receiver that comes with the controller.
    Make it alot easier to fit the electronics in small robots, and every gram that u can reduce is just great.

    Works very well 🙂

  2. Luke Handscomb

    If you’re not using the malenki, this is the RX of choice. Easy to use and utterly minimal, with a handy button for easy binding and setting of failsafes. Requires an afhds-2a transmitter which means you devo Fans out there need to install that multiprotocol module you’ve been eyeing on Bangood, cos between these receivers and the malenki afhds-2a truly is the future.

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