Flysky 4 Channel Receiver


4 Channel Flysky receiver FS2A AFHDS for use with transmitters such as the Flysky i6. Comes with the pins separate from the board, you can solder wires directly to save weight if you wish.

To bind: Press and hold button on receiver while connecting power. The receiver LED will flash. Ensure transmitter sticks are set to minimum values. On the transmitter select AFHDS 2A protocol and select bind. After a few seconds the receiver LED is solid and it is bound.

To failsafe: Turn on both your receiver and transmitter. Set your transmitter’s sticks to their neutral values (typically left stick down, right stick centered) Hold the bind button on the receiver, the blue light will flash quickly several times then go solid. Now if the transmitter is turned off, the receiver will failsafe to these values.

Full Binding Guide with Flysky i6 Transmitter

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25x11x7mm with pins


0.9g without pins
~2.5g with pins

Voltage Range