Antweight N20 Gearmotor with built in ESC


N20 30:1 gearmotor with a built in speed controller.

Takes away the need for an external speed controller or soldering – you can plug these directly into the receiver!  Save on weight and wiring from a typical antweight setup.

Comes with:

  • 1 x motor with built in esc
  • 1 x 3 pin cable for motor.

You’ll need to make sure your receiver supports 2S (up to 8.4V) to connect your lipo directly to ito get the most out of this motor:

Note: If you plan to use your own receiver (not from BBB shop) please ensure it supports at least 8.4V input (a fully charged 2S lipo), or if it doesn’t please connect a BEC between your battery and receiver. We recommend if you intend to run these electronics for long periods at a time (>3minute fights) that you run a BEC between your battery and receiver to run at a lower voltage for the electronics longevity.

We’d recommend adding a JST input with a switch from the receiver to the battery for safer plugging in and powering on and off.

You’ll need to setup mixing on your transmitter – Mixing Guide

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Motor: 36x12x10mm
ESC: 19.2x11x4.5mm


Motor&ESC: 11g – only ~1.5g more than just the N20!
(14g with included cable – can be shortened to save weight)

Input Voltage

2S lipo

No Load Current

Approximately 40mA at 6V


600rpm @ 6V

Center Braking

None. Motors will not be instantly stopped by zero signal.


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