Servo Extender


Frustrated with your “180 degree servo” only rotating half as much? This is due to RC gear not sending a wide enough PWM signal. This nifty little servo extender only weighs 2.5g and plugs in-between your receiver and servo to double the PWM output range to the servo! (1000us to 2000us) – great for helping with servo applications in ants and beetles with a larger range such as self righting, lifting and flipping. It runs at up to 16V suiting higher voltage 12V beetle servos as well as our high voltage ant servo offering.

Note: When first plugging in, we recommend initially slowly rotating the servo – some can hit an internal limit plate before reaching their full range – in that case limit the output range on your transmitter to prevent this from happening. Plugged in like so:
Also called: Servo Stretchers, Servo Expanders

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PCB: 25.5×9.8×5.6mm
10cm servo cable


2.6g including servo cable

Input Voltage


Output PWM

(RC PWM is 1000-2000us)


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