FingerTech Brushless Mega Spark Planetary 24mm Gearmotor

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6th June: FingerTech are currently working on a new supplier for Mega Sparks, there will be new stock later in the year.
Great plug and play powerful and robust beetleweight brushless drive option. 1806 1500KV or 2300KV brushless motor with pre-soldered 3.5m male bullet connectors – works great with our BBB brushless drive ESCs or Repeat AM32 ESCs and some 3.5mm bullet connectors. All metal geared 24mm planetary gearbox, beefy hardened steel 6mm shaft – extra length for bearing support or use rotary tool to cut off excess to save weight. Mount with Mega Spark Face Mounts and M2x5mm countersunk bolts. We stock 6mm eco hubs for easy wheel attaching! Geared for speed and power, we recommend running smaller wheel sizes or an extra reduction stage, particularly at 4S. CAD: STEP file. Example robot, motor drawing, wiring diagram & battle hardening info below.

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38x6mm Output Shaft
48mm gearbox & motor length


71.5g – can save weight by shortening shaft


3S: 774rpm
4S: 1033rpm

3S: 1187rpm
4S: 1583rpm

Input Voltage

2-4S Lipo

Example Robot: Aggro Wobba by David Harrison

David built this very expressive hammer robot Aggro Wobba – they run the hammer with a toothed belt to a 1500Kv Mega Spark with a BBB Brushless Drive ESC. Check out their build diary on the forum.

Motor Drawing:

Beetle Brushless Wiring Diagram:

Components in this example: 3S or 4S Lipo, Beetle Safety KitBreakout Cable, BBB AM32 Drive ESCsMega SparksBEC and Flysky Reciever.
Image made by Team DSC.

Battle Hardening:

From FingerTech:
As with every gearmotor, it is best practice to remove all the screws and reassemble using loctite. A small dab on each screw will be enough to keep them from vibrating loose.
– Since the gearboxes are packed with grease, it will need to be cleaned off of the eight small Phillips screws before applying the loctite.
– Even better than loctite is a product called Vibra-Tite VC-3. Apply it to the screw threads, wait 30min, and it will harden to a plastic-like coating. Since it hardens before touching the greasy gearbox threads, it can do a better job of holding the screws in place.

1 review for FingerTech Brushless Mega Spark Planetary 24mm Gearmotor

  1. James Booth (verified owner)

    For an off-the-shelf solution for brushless beetleweight motors, these motors are a perfect option for those of us not wanting to do our own brushless conversions. The gearbox is simple and while a tad long provides the best gear reduction for those rapid 2300kv motors. The motors themselves are robust and thanks to Fingertech we have the option of 1500kv or 2300kv to suit our speed preferences. The compact and streamlined package makes it (in my opinion) more versatile with how and where we can mount these inside our robots compared to the Repeat Robotics motors with the larger diameter motors.

    I first bought a pair of 2300kv motors for use in the axe module of my bot Data Breach in 2023. And I must say the power these can put out is amazing. Combined with an additional 3:1 gear reduction these motors made the axe violently fast and could send the bot flying when self-righting at full power. The 6mm D-shaped shaft like the rest of the gearbox and motor tanked the abuse it was given. The very same motor used in DB’s axe with its spare has been repurposed into the drive motors for the new DB and still works amazingly when paired with the Repeat Robotics 32am ESCs. Making this motor great for weapons and more importantly drive use.

    My only real complaint I have with these is that the flat on the D-shaft could do with stopping a little closer to the front of the gearbox. When using low-profile hubs like the golden square hubs from Repeat Robotics I had to extend the flat edge using a file so the grub screws would engage the D-shaft correctly while not having a big gap between the wheel and the face mount.

    But overall I would highly recommend these for use in your beetleweight robots.

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