Pair of FingerTech Mega Spark Face Mounts

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Anodised red 6061 Aluminium face plates designed to fit brushless Mega Sparks. They will also work well with our 22mm motors and Repeat Drive Max. Comes with eight M2x5mm countersunk screws to mount your motor. Mounting example below. CAD: STEP. PDF Drawing.

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For mounting Mega Sparks and Repeat Max we recommend a similar method to 22mm faceplates:
Use a 24mm forstner bit to cut a hole in 10mm HDPE or similar, attach the faceplate to the outside with woodscrews/M3 bolts:

1 review for Pair of FingerTech Mega Spark Face Mounts

  1. James Booth (verified owner)

    The FingerTech face mounts for their FingerTech Mega Sparks are good face mounts that also work with the 22mm BBB motors.
    Their low profile, being roughly 2mm thick with countersunk mounting holes makes them great for compact robots with minimal wheel space. And being made from aluminium gives me confidence in their durability.

    That being said my main complaint is the size of the mounts. I find that they are a little too big (L+W wise) for compact robot designs and I need to file them down by 1mm or 2 to match the height of the chassis of my robot. Maybe an option for a mount that’s roughly the size of the old BBB mounts could be worth a look, at the very least a middle ground between the two available mounts could help save some builders a little headache.

    I do also have a very minor nitpick. While I’m grateful FT went to the effort to anodise the mounts for a bit of flare. It would be nice if they came in a neutral colour or bare aluminium as opposed to the red it clashes with colour schemes on non-red robots. And it’s a pain to have to sand it off.

    But despite my complaints. These have worked well for me and in most cases will be ideal for being off-the-shelf mounting for the FT Mega Sparks.

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