Repeat Max Brushless Planetary 24mm Gearmotor

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26th May: Repeat are making Max v2, which is due very soon and we will stock when they are available. 
Great plug & play powerful and robust beetleweight brushless drive. Custom wound 2100kv 2004 brushless motor – works great with BBB brushless drive ESCs or Repeat AM32 ESCs! All metal geared 24mm planetary gearbox, billet steel final planet carrier & output shaft – extra length for bearing support or use rotary tool to cut off excess to save weight. v2 integrates the motor into the gearbox for extra robustness. Mount with Mega Spark Face Mounts and M2x5mm countersunk bolts. We stock 6mm eco hubs and 6mm screw hubs for easy wheel attaching! Geared for speed and power, we recommend running smaller wheel sizes or an extra reduction stage, particularly at higher voltages. CAD: STEP file (thanks Rob!) Example robot, motor drawing, wiring diagram & battle hardening info below.

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38x6mm Output Shaft
43.5mm gearbox & motor length


69g – can save weight by shortening shaft


3S: 863rpm
4S: 1151rpm

Input Voltage

2-6S Lipo
(3-4S recommended)

Example robot: Schism by Jack Tweedy

Jack built this super sleek hammersaw robot Schism – he’s got three Repeat Drive Max motors in the robot running both directly to the wheels and geared down to the weapon arm, all powered by BBB Brushless Drive ESCs. Check out his build diary on the forum.

Motor Drawing:

Repeat Drive Max brushless 25mm motor drawing BW

Beetle Brushless Wiring Diagram:

Components in this example: 3S or 4S Lipo, Beetle Safety KitBreakout Cable20A brushless Drive ESCsRepeat Max motors, BEC and Flysky Reciever.
Image made by Team DSC.

Battle Hardening:

From FingerTech:
As with every gearmotor, it is best practice to remove all the screws and reassemble using loctite. A small dab on each screw will be enough to keep them from vibrating loose.
– Since the gearboxes are packed with grease, it will need to be cleaned off of the eight small Phillips screws before applying the loctite.
– Even better than loctite is a product called Vibra-Tite VC-3. Apply it to the screw threads, wait 30min, and it will harden to a plastic-like coating. Since it hardens before touching the greasy gearbox threads, it can do a better job of holding the screws in place.

2 reviews for Repeat Max Brushless Planetary 24mm Gearmotor

  1. Jack Tweedy

    Incredibly robust motors, I’ve used them in over 10 fights so far without having to do so much as re-tighten any screws or perform any maintenance.

    They give a very manageable top speed but also have the power to get there extremely quickly and provide more than enough pushing power at beetle scale.

  2. Joe Mitchell (verified owner)

    The repeat Drive Max are the best off the shelf brushless drive option I have tried. I used these in my beetle weight Kult at BBB Brawl 2024.

    The positives:
    Tonnes of power from the chunky 2004 motor

    Great control and drive feel from the 1151 rpm on 4s (great balance of top end speed and pushing power while still controllable for the average driver)

    Can take a hit well due to the chunky 6mm hardened steel shafts and metal gears.

    Once driven you won’t be able to go back to cheaper options on the market as they are too good.

    The motor can sticks out wider than the gearbox which makes them annoying to flush mount.

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