BBB Beetleweight 4S 8A Brushed ESC


Originally a brushless speed controller which has been flashed to brushed with MegaBrush firmware with added BBB tweaks – including center braking and a happy start up tone! Each ESC will run two brushed 22mm or 25mm motors per ESC per drive side (they are single not dual ESCs). It has been set up to pair well with our BBB 22mm Planetary Gearmotors at up to 4S lipo – two of these ESCs will work well for 2 or 4 wheel drive.

  • 4S lipo support and up to two 22mm/25mm motors per ESC
  • Lightweight at 7.5g
  • Center braking – motors brought to a central stop quickly.
  • Programmable transmitter Min and Max values (see below)
  • Failsafing when transmitter is off
  • Safe start –  stick must be centered to arm ESC (quiet fast beep until stick is centered)

Solder from M1 and M2 pads to the motor terminals with the included wires.

Also a great option for brushed weapons such as 37mm motors for lifters/axes/grabbers.

Please note: these are single ESCs and you will need one per drive side of your robot. You’ll need to set up mixing on your transmitter – Mixing Guide. We don’t recommend running 25mm motors above 3S, however our 22mm Planetary Gearmotors will run 4S lipos.

Programming RC Min and Max values:

  1. Power on the ESC, holding transmitter stick at maximum value
  2. The motor will make 3 beeps indicating you’re in programming mode
  3. After 2 seconds you will hear 1 beep, move the transmitter stick to minimum value
  4. After 2 seconds you will hear 3 beeps indicating you’ve reprogrammed the min/max values.
    Note: Mixing may affect these values – you may want to program these values with mixing off.

Typical Beetle Wiring Diagram using these ESCs for two or four wheel drive:

Components in this example: 3S or 4S Lipo, Beetle Safety KitBBB 4S 8A ESCsBBB 22mm MotorsBEC and DSM2 or Flysky Reciever. Image made by Team DSC.

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Additional information


31x16x6mm (main pcb)
50x16x8mm (including cap)



Input Voltage

2-4S Lipo
(7-17V input)

Motor Output

8A Continuous
12A Peak

Center Braking

Built in. Motors stopped by zero signal.