BETA RUN: BBB Beetleweight 4S 13A Brushed ESC v3


Orders before 23rd Jan (labelled BN1 & BN2) limited to 75% duty – please email us if you want to get them programmed to 100% duty for higher speed.
Designed and assembled in house by our very own Gareth we’re very excited to release a beta run our totally custom beetleweight brushed ESCs!
All the specs you need in a brushed ESC – centre braking, safe start, failsafing, current limiting, higher voltage support, built in BEC and of course the signature startup tone!
Each ESC will happily run two brushed 22mm or 25mm motors per ESC per drive side (these are single not dual ESCs). Pairs well with our BBB 22mm Planetary Gearmotors at 3-4S lipo – two of these ESCs will work well for 2 or 4 wheel drive.
LED, beep & wiring instructions below.

  • 4S lipo support – can happily run 2 x 25mm motors at 3S, 3 x 22mm motors at 4S
  • Small and lightweight at 7g – can save weight by shortening wires
  • Current limiting – high current motors (eg – nerfs) shouldn’t blow up the ESC
  • Center braking –  brakes motors when the sticks are centered for better control.
  • Failsafing – no unexpected movement when transmitter is off / loses signal
  • Safe start –  stick must be centered to arm (short beep/flash until stick is centered)
  • Built in BEC – enough current to power a receiver, use external BEC for servos etc

Also a great option for brushed weapons such as 37mm motors for lifters/axes/grabbers.
Do not use two BECs at a time – the red servo wire is shipped disconnected – more info on this below.
Beta run to hunt for any firmware bugs – they’ve worked great in testing.

21 in stock

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26x15x3mm (main pcb with heatshrink)


~6g (can save weight shortening wires)

Input Voltage

2-4S Lipo recommended (6-16.8V)
up to 6S (not recommended)

Motor Output

10A Continuous (Current limited)
13A Peak

Center Braking

Built in. Motors stopped by zero signal.


5V 1.5A

LED indicator light & beeps:
Start up beep = ESC has just powered on – it is receiving power and is connected to motor(s).
Solid LED = Powered on. Receiver ready, ESC is armed.
Flash & beep with short gap = Powered on. Throttle isn’t centred.
Flash & beep with long gap = Powered on. No receiver signal.

Do not use more than one BEC at a time
The red servo wire is shipped disconnected – plug it back in on one ESC if you wish to power your receiver with the onboard BEC.
We recommend cutting this wire of the other ESC(s) (or taping over the metal connector) to prevent risk of shorting.
If you’re powering a servo or other higher current components use an external BEC and disconnect all other BECs.

Typical Beetle Wiring Diagram using these ESCs:

Please note: these are single ESCs and you will need one per drive side of your robot. You’ll need to set up mixing on your transmitter – Mixing Guide. We don’t recommend running 25mm motors above 3S, however our 22mm Planetary Gearmotors will run 4S lipos.
Typical Beetle Wiring Diagram using these ESCs for two or four wheel drive:

Components in this example: 3S or 4S Lipo, Beetle Safety Kit, Breakout cable, BBB ESCsBBB 22mm MotorsBEC and Flysky Reciever.
Image made by Team DSC.


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