Antweight Dual ESC

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A great budget dual ESC for antweight combat robots. All connectors come pre-soldered, you’ll just need to solder the output wires to your motors. Perfect for using with two or four N20 motors. Built in signal mixing with a switch to turn mixing off if preferred.

Typical Setup:N20 Motors, Power Switch, 4 channel receiver, 180Mah 2S lipo.

Receiver Connectors (with signal mixing on by default):

  • On one servo connector:
    • white wire drives forwards/backwards on the motors
    • red wire provides the positive rail of the BEC at 5V (+VE)
    • black wire provides ground (GND)
  • Separate yellow connector: drives left/right on the motors.

In this example we have:

  • white wire (forwards/backwards on the motors) plugged in to channel 2 of a DSM2 receiver which by default on our Devo 7E transmitter is up/down on the right stick (ELE) On the same connector the red wire connects to +VE and black wire to GND
  • yellow wire (left/right on the motors) plugged in to channel 3 which is left/right on the right stick (AIL).

Note your receiver & transmitter may have a different layout to this!

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28x22mm (main pcb)


~10.5g (can save a few grams once wires to motors are shortened!)

Input Voltage

2S lipo via JST
(6-10V input)

Motor Output

Per channel:
1.8A, peak 3.5A
(use motors with <2A stall current)


onboard signal mixing with switch to turn off.

Center Braking

None. Motors will not be instantly stopped by zero signal.


built in 5V 1.5A BEC (output through signal 1)
for powering receiver and ant sized servos

3 reviews for Antweight Dual ESC

  1. Jon-Luke Buckley (Igor) (verified owner)

    A very good controller, no-nonsense setup and easy to use. It is quite large, but is still relatively easy to fit in to most ant builds. Built-in signal mixing is a nice touch. Would recommend.

  2. Chris Thompson (verified owner)

    Perfect for anyone starting out thats any wanting to get building but unsure about BECs, voltage or setting up channep mixing and for any one that just started out soldering as only the motors need attaching.

  3. Emily Rowan (verified owner)

    I made some mistakes learning with my antweight kit. Managed to fry the speedcontrollers built into the N20 motors. Well I have since learned to desolder those speedcontrollers from the motors and have wired this up instead and I have it working again. Excellent product. 🙂

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