XT60 with built in mount

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Female XT60 connector with captive M2.5 nuts in a built in mount.
Pitch is 23.4mm and two 14mm M2.5 screws are included. Dimensions:
Great for mounting to beetle & feather robots as a mounted connector for a male XT60 removable link.
Technical name is XT60E-F. 3D model from Robert K! thanks Rob: step, iges.
Beetle wiring example below.

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Typical Beetle/Feather Wiring Diagram using mountable XT60 for link dock:

Components in this example: 3S or 4S Lipo, Beetle Safety KitBBB 4S 8A ESCsBBB 22mm MotorsBEC and Flysky Reciever. Image made by Team DSC.

1 review for XT60 with built in mount

  1. Jon-Luke Buckley (Igor) (verified owner)

    When I first started out building beetleweights, I had an ordinary XT60 held in with a cable tie! Having a surface mounted XT60 bolted in securely makes all the difference, it gives you the confidence that your link is not going to shake loose, and you won’t pull out the wiring when you remove it.
    I will be using these with all combat beetle builds in the future.

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