Featherweight 900rpm Planetary Gearmotor


Please read our Feather Drive Kit Build Guide for how to use.
Well suited for featherweight robots both two and four wheel drive configs – these are new motors pre-removed from drills with plenty of torque and an all metal 24:1 planetary gearbox. These are rated for 18V and are well suited for running 3, 4 or 5S lipos.

  • 3/8 UNF thread output shaft – our feather wheels screw straight on
  • includes M5 20mm reverse thread shaft screw for holding wheels on
  • includes Four M5 8mm 14.9 grade grub screws for locking the clutch – see guide

We’ve made custom HDPE mounts for easily attaching these motors to a baseplate.
Rough CAD for motor dimensions: f3d, STL note the slightly different faceplate shape:

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3/8UNF Output Shaft




~900rpm at 18V

Input Voltage

~18V suited for 3-5S lipo


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