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Foam wheels are a great choice for beetles because they absorb impacts and save your drive motors from stripping teeth. We’re stocking so you won’t have to order from Canada and pay international shipping and import taxes! For extra grip, try coating the tyres in a few layers of rubber cement and then a few layers of liquid latex.

With Twist Hubs you can easily and securely mount these foam tires to your robot by twisting, no dealing with circlips! They’re made from anodized 6061 aluminium for high strength and low weight and have a 4mm bore to fit our 22mm motors or standard 25mm beetle motors! The hub is secured to the motor shaft by a strong setscrew (included) – this requires a 2mm hex key. More info on the Fingertech website. More info & CAD below.


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Wheel Size

0.75×2.00in: 19.1×50.8mm
0.75×2.25in: 19.1×57.15mm
0.75×2.5in: 19.1×63.5mm
0.75×2.75in: 19.1×69.85mm
0.75×3.00in: 19.1×76.20mm

Wheel Weight

0.75×2.00in: 4.1g
0.75×2.25in: 5.1g
0.75×2.5in: 6.4g
0.75×2.75in: 7.9g
0.75×3.00in: 9.4g

Hub Size

4mm bore, 0.75in wide.

Hub Weight


Twist Key: Use our laser cut nylon twist hubs key, 3D Print your own or use needle nosed pliers or similar to twist on. Note – there will be some burn marks on our twist key from the lasering process.

Twist Hubs: Twist Hub CAD
We’ve got the new version of the Twist Hubs with extra fins to hold the wheels on more firmly:


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