FingerTech Metric NutStrip

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NutStrip is the ideal way to fasten panels together at right angles. We’ve got M3 & M4 sized nutstrip made from 6061-T6 anodized aircraft aluminium. We stock 2×1 holes and corner (2×1 holes & end hole) of 5mm (M3) and 7mm (M4) square bar.
M3 have M3x0.5 threaded holes spaced 7.0mm apart. 2.5mm from hole to edge.
M4 have M4x0.7 threaded holes spaced 10mm apart. 3.5mm from hole to edge.
More info on the Fingertech website. We’re stocking so you won’t have to order from Canada and pay international shipping and import taxes! Drawings: 2×1corner. CAD: M3 2×1, M3 corner, M4 2×1, M4 corner.

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M3 2×1: 5x5x12.5mm
M3 Corner: 5x5x16.5mm
M4 2×1: 7x7x17mm
M4 Corner: 7x7x23.5mm


M3 2×1: 0.59g
M3 Corner: 0.79g
M4 2×1: 1.58g
M4 Corner: 2.18g

1 review for FingerTech Metric NutStrip

  1. Stuart

    I love these. I was really struggling to work out the best way to mount front panels into a cross section 8mm HDPE that would be strong enough and these were the perfect solution and makes changing them a breeze!

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