Planetary Gearmotor Shaft & Faceplate Replacement


This replacement includes the gearbox faceplate, bearing, shaft, circlip and planetary frame.
While we’ve found the 22mm planetary gearmotors to greatly improve reliability and robustness of beetle drive, a direct hit from a spinner on the shaft will still bend it!
In this situation rather than disposing of the entire motor you can just swap out the shaft/faceplate – simply undoing the front four screws on the gearbox, removing the old faceplate and adding this replacement. We strongly recommend using blue threadlocker when reapplying the gearbox screws for better robustness.

This is compatible with both the v1 and new v2 of our planetary gearmotors.
When swapping out the v1 gearmotor’s faceplate&shaft you can save ~5g of weight!

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