Pair of 600rpm N20 Gearmotors


N20 antweight gearmotor. We offer 600rpm at 6V,  which is a great speed for antweight drive. We also stock 100rpm which are slower but much higher torque for weapons such as grabbers and lifters.
Want to save weight & space and get a bit more power (or more speed?) check out our new N10 gearmotors!
CAD: STEP file (thanks Sam!)

12 in stock


36x12x10mm per motor
9x3mm Output Shaft


9.7g per motor


~600rpm at 6V (50:1) or
~100rpm at 6V (300:1)

Input Voltage

6V motor, suited for 2S lipo


No load: ~0.1A at 7.8V
Stall: ~0.8A at 7.8V


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