DSM2 4 Channel Receiver


Please Note: This product has been discontinued as have many DSM2 receivers due to an end of life chip. We’ll look at stocking alternatives but affordable DSM2/DSMX receivers are unfortunately becoming increasingly rare. We recommend the flysky transmitters and receivers!

4 Channel DSM2 receiver REDCON CM421 for use with transmitters such as the Devo 7E. Comes with a bind plug.

To bind: plug the bind plug in to the bind channel (left most channel) before powering on receiver. Ensure transmitter sticks are set to your minimum values (typically left stick down, right stick centered) Power on receiver and transmitter, the receiver LED will flash rapidly. On the transmitter select DSM2 protocol and select bind. After a few seconds the receiver LED will be solid and it is bound. Remove the bind plug from the receiver before power cycling.

Failsafing: if the transmitter is turned off, the receiver will return to the stick values you bound at. So if robot is moving with transmitter off, rebind the receiver with sticks at neutral values – (typically left stick down, right stick centered)

Full Binding Guide with Devo 7E Transmitter

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